JSE Health - Website Design Coffs Harbour

Here is what the lovely Courtney, owner of JSE Health in Coffs Harbour, said about working with me:

“Jess was so easy to work with. She explained things clearly, was patient, enthusiastic  and understood the image and vision I was trying to create without me having to explain myself too much. 

Initially I was worried  that I might spend all this money and then end up with something that matched what she liked, or that she thought matched my branding rather that the vision in my head of what I wanted to create and then I would have to do it myself anyway. But after talking to Jess I realised that this fear was misplaced and I looked at her work and realised that she has a great skill set that I do not possess. And I remembered that you have to trust others in order to help create your intention. Jess’s contact with me and availability also eased any concerns I had. 

Jess was so lovely and her work was amazing. I didn’t really want to change much after the first draft she just got what i was looking for. I could not have designed anything nearly as nice even if I had months to create it. I absolutely love what she did.”

You can see Courtney’s website here :)

jess watters