• If you hire me I will ensure quality photography for your business
  • It's just me - easy communication, nothing lost or missed
  • An hourly rate so you only pay for what you need
  • $99 per hour
  • If everything is set up and ready, enough photos for a website can be completed in about an hour


High quality beautiful photography is essential for your business. It can advertise your product, help create a positive impression of your business and advertise your brick and mortar store.

I work solo which means that when you hire me you speak directly to me. There is no communication break down and no doubling up of telling people what you would like. I only complete a small number of jobs at any one time. This means that your work is a high priority and will be completed with my utmost attention.

Photography is one of my passions - in only a week I went jumped up to #115 out of tens of thousands of people in terms of photography downloads and likes on Pexels (see my portfolio here) and I have had several images featured by Unsplash (see my Unsplash portfolio here). 


All my work is completed on a hourly basis, so that you only pay for the time it takes, priced at $99 per hour.

If you have a clean and tidy space and have an idea of what you want to promote, then about 10 images can be captured in less then an hour. If you are looking for stock photography for your website I can either help source you free photography, or can come to your shop to take all the shots needed for your site within 1-2 hours, costing only $99 - $198.

As photography can be subjective, it is not uncommon for clients to wish to pick their own elements to be photographed. I am more then happy to accomodate needs, and help guide you towards the best possible images for your business. 


If you are after product photography to promote your business then you can ship your products directly to me, where I can set them up in my studio to ensure good quality lighting and set up. If you are within the Mid North Coast (NSW, Australia) then I can come to you, for an additional travel cost. If you are outside this area please contact me here to discuss details - I am happy to consider any request!

If you are wanting a website and the associated photography this can easily be arranged.