Custom Logos and Branding

In a nut shell:

  • If you hire me I will ensure you are happy with the final design
  • It's just me - easy communication, nothing lost or missed
  • An hourly rate so you only pay for what you need
  • $99 per hour
  • If you know exactly what you want a logo may be only $99 - $198

Why hire me:

I am passionate about logo design and helping you get a logo that is exactly what you want. I value quality and customer satisfaction.

I work solo which means that when you hire me you speak directly to me. There is no communication break down and no doubling up of telling people what you would like. I only complete a small number of jobs at any one time. This means that your work is a high priority and will be completed with my utmost attention.

I have a masters in psychology, and have studied consumer psychology and marketing. So I can offer ideas on how consumers might interpret your brand, the psychology of colours, buyer behaviour insights and how consumers think and purchase. 


All my work is completed on a hourly basis, so that you only pay for the time it takes, priced at $99 per hour.

If you have a pretty good idea about what you want I might be able to complete your logo within 6 - 10 hours, meaning it will only cost between $594 - $990. If you already have a drawing you want, or a simple shape you want, then it might even be less then that. A logo featuring handwritten elements (like my logo) could be 10 hours upward, as this takes time to perfect.

I charge an hourly rate so that it makes it the most fair for everyone. If you know what you want, you've done your research and you have a good idea about the overall look you're going for, then you pay only for the design time itself - keeping your costs way down. If you would like help narrowing down some ideas then scroll to the bottom of this page for free downloadable questionnaires!

If you have no idea what you want or need, or where to start, the hourly rate means you get my devoted time working on your logo, you don't pay for what you don't need, and you can get exactly what you do need, without being confined to a limited number of revisions or changes. 

As design is quite subjective, it is often the case that clients want quite a few revisions or changes to really get something they are happy with. Many designers make packages or set prices that allow for only a small number of changes, which can mean you end up with a product your not completely happy with. I am open to making as many changes as you need, as this is simply priced per hour, and it then means that the final logo is exactly what you want.

What you get:

After completion you will receive:

  • a vector file of your logo - which is a file that can be changed to any size, and uploaded on to sites that print business cards, brochures or business assets.
  •  JPG files in a range of sizes optimised for websites, print work, Facebook, and Instagram.

I can also complete a full brand board for you if you like, which would take an extra 1 -2 hours (depending on the amount of changes you want). A brand board would include:

  • an alternative logo (with fonts and colours mixed around to continue cohesiveness but add an interesting variation)
  • a smaller logo mark (for use as a watermark, or when you need an abbreviated version of your full logo)
  • a colour palette with 6 colours - including their HEX numbers 
  • font choices

You can check out some brand board examples here, at my Monday Mock Up blog category, where you can see exactly what you'll be getting.


To get started click the button below! Or contact me for more details, I am really happy to answer any questions you might have :)

Need help to work out what you want?

Sign up below and you will receive my website design questionnaire (and logo design questionnaire) to help you narrow down what you need in a website, what structure might suit your business, and what style would suit your brand. 

You can use the questionnaire for your own design needs, to inspire you for your clients, or to send to me if you hire my services.

The more you know what you want, and what style would work, the easier and faster it is for a designer to complete your site, which ultimately brings your cost down. Hooray! 

So sign up below and get thinking and planning!