Sorry to get all serious and legal on you, but I do need to be a bit careful here and make sure all the licensing of my products is as clear as I can make it... Any questions or confusion please email me and I will be happy to help! Just click the Contact Me button below :)

While some products are being offered free, I will continue to hold the copyright for all products on this website- including free photos, paid photos and pre made logos. You can contact me for a custom logo, which will mean you will own copyright. 


  • use my photos on your website or blog, or your clients website or blog
  • use my photos for advertisements for your business or blog (including print, online and social media)
  • use my photos for invitations or flyers (for your wedding, party, business or blog)
  • use my pre made logos for your business or blog, or your clients business or blog
  • use my pre made logo for any invitations, advertisements or on social media 


  • use my photos or pre made logos if you or your client earns more then $2 million per annum (gross) - contact me if you do and I can arrange special licensing for you.
  • sell any of my photos, or any cropping of photos, or any of my pre made logos
  • use my photos on products for sale (such as mugs, prints, shirts etc) 
  • give my photos or pre made logos away free on your site or social media
  • use my pre made logo on products UNLESS that product clearly states your brand for which you have purchased the logo for.


Any questions or confusion, then please get in touch! I am very happy to help with any question or enquiry :)