So, you want quality services that aren't over priced, and you want to be completley happy with the outcome? Cool. We can do that.


I am passionate about working with businesses to get their branding looking really cool. This includes the awesome logo we can create, the fun photo shoot for your business that can make it look amazing, the stand out website that can get your business noticed and increase you customer base, and the high quality business assets like your business cards.
We can do it all. So what are you waiting for?


In a nut shell:

  • Quality design - I will ensure you are happy with the result

  • You deal directly with me - easy & clear communication

  • Efficient turnaround - so you get what you need fast

  • Custom work - tailored just for you and your business

  • Total transparency - everything is open and honest

Services include:

  • Photography - stock photography / business photography

  • Custom Lettering - signage, invitations, social media

  • Logo Design - handwritten logos / custom illustration

  • Website Design - see what you could get you here

  • Asset Design - such as business cards and brochures


Choose from a pre-priced package below, or contact me for a custom quote!

Logo Packages

Custom Logo Pack - $500

A custom logo pack includes everything you need for your new business! You get a custom designed logo, a watermark (for images, and small sized uploads like social media accounts), a reverse coloured logo, several file types (for printing and online use), and a style guide to tell how you to use them all! 

It also includes 3 rounds of revisions, one for the first narrowing down of the logo, the second to choose the final logo out of 4 custom designed options, and the third to make changes to the watermark. Together we will make sure you are completely happy with the final outcome.

Deluxe Logo Pack - $950

The deluxe logo pack includes everything you get with the custom logo pack, but with the addition of completely unique hand lettered elements. A custom logo will use fonts that are available to use in a logo, and will be customised to your brand, but this package uses only hand lettered elements. This makes it even more unique, and particularly special.

You also get an entire brand board included, which is like a visual style guide that puts all your elements together, and something you can print out to help you stay in tune with your brand. The deluxe package really includes it all.

Website Packages

Mini website for weddings or small businesses - $1500

This package is well suited for a small business that might not want a full website, or a personal site like a wedding page or a special occasion listing.

It is professionally designed and custom built by me, and it will help your business, or personal event, look awesome.

This website is one single page - like a long homepage. It can still include 3 links in the top menu / navigation area, but instead of going to a new page, those links take you down the home page to where you want to go.

It is up to you what those 3 links are. It could be a contact section, an about section, a photo gallery, a map of where you are located, a menu, opening hours, or a gift registry list. You choose!

This package includes SEO and built in security so that you know your site is safe. It will work beautifully across desktop, tablets and mobiles - so you can be assured that everyone can see it and appreciate it :) It will also include beautiful stock photography that will all be optimised for use on the internet.

I use Squarespace for all my websites. I could rave on and on about how amazing Squarespace is and why I use it, but probably easier if you read my article (where I have already done my raving!) here :) You can also see my portfolio of websites I’ve designed here.

Because this site is small, with only 3 weeks, it has a fast turnaround, and can be completed in as little as 2 weeks as long as you are quick to provide me with everything I need (I will help you by guiding you along the way).

Complete Website for small to medium Businesses  - $2400

This website package is perfect for any small or medium sized business. It is a custom, professionally designed website that will make your business look amazing. 

It includes a home page, an about page, a contact page and one extra page - which could be a menu for a cafe, a gallery of images, or a write up about your products. 

It also includes SEO to help your business get found on google, plus built in security so that you know your site is safe. I will also make sure your site works across all platforms (so that it looks just as great on a desktop as it does on a mobile). This package also includes revisions, so that we can both go through the site inch by inch to make sure it is exactly what you want. 

A great website also needs professional photography, so this package includes a photo shoot by me as well as high quality stock photography :) And I will also optimise all the images (and any other media) to make sure it loads quickly and easily online. 

Need your site quick? That's ok! I can get this site finished within 1 month, provided you are also prompt with your feedback.

Anything else you might want? A shop? Easy :) I can provide a detailed quote for those extra elements. 

I use Squarespace for all my websites, because I truely believe it is the best service you can use. It can be completely customised and has all the fiddly bits built in. Plus I believe it is the easiest platform for customers to update themselves. You can read all about why I think it’s the best here :) You can also see my portfolio of websites I’ve designed here.

Photography Package

Photo Shoot - 2 hours - $150

For those in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas:

This photo shoot package is where I come to your business in Coffs Harbour, or the surrounding areas, and take a whole bunch of beautiful and professional looking photos. The 2 hours includes 1 hour at your place of business taking all the photos, and then the second hour is for me to go back to my computer, edit all the photos, choose a minimum of 15 high quality images, and email you a link to a folder containing everything for you. You can then use those images for anything you like! Pop them on your website, add them to your business brochures, on upload them to your social media accounts. 

For those outside of Coffs Harbour - interstate or international:

This photo shoot is a specialised shoot just for you. Which means you get unique photos for your brand or social media, that you don't need to credit me for as they will be yours after you purchase. I specialise in photos for your blog or business, using beautiful lighting and simple backdrops. This photo package also means you have photos that no one else will have, unlike the free photos which thousands of people might have already downloaded. 

While we can all take photos nowadays thanks to our awesome smart phones and cheaper digital cameras, having a professional photo really does make a difference. People can tell as soon as they see it, and it really helps a business to gain trust, show professionalism, and draw in customers. 

Custom Quote

For anything else, like a poster, brochure, business cards or custom design piece, please get in contact and I will get a quote together for you ASAP! Just fill out the form below to get started :)

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I provide graphic design (including website design, logo design, print media and photography) to businesses in Coffs Harbour and beyond! I have worked with clients from Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, England and Spain! So no matter where you live, whether it is Coffs Harbour or not, we can work together :)