Why I upgraded my brand elements and why you should consider a brand upgrade too.

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After writing my most recent blog post about the Kuler colour picking tool (see it here), I started really contemplating the colour palette I had chosen for my brand.

I was using a mustard colour (still one of my favourites), a light pink, a grey and a teal, but it wasn't quite switching my light on. Individually I liked all the colours, but when placed together in a colour palette I was like "yeah, pretty good". But it wasn't feeling great

Yet when I would look at one of my other palettes, that I had named "Summer Cool", I would get that "YES!" feeling! I knew then that it was totally a time for a change. So I decided to swap out the older pinks and teals, and use my "Summer Cool" colours for my brand.


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Why I upgraded my brand elements

I felt an upgrade for me was really time, because the summer season is totally my favourite, and those colours just ooze summer to me. They feel fresh, fun, bright and beautiful. When I look at them all together I just want to let out a sigh of enjoyment :) 

While I still really like a minimal look, lots of white space, neutral elements and clean styles, I think that a little pop of colour - especially such a bright and fun colour - can really work in well with that aesthetic.

I also felt it was a bit serendipitous because I when I went through my photos for inspiration
and to link in with my brand colours, I found those four- which I think completely reflect my colour choices. No wonder I liked that palette so much: I was taking photos with those colours in them already! 

Why you should consider an upgrade to your brand

If you're like me, working as sole trader or freelancer, and doing a lot of your work alone and online, then it is super important that you really dig your brand elements. You need to really enjoy your font choices, really like your colours and be super happy with your logo. You're going to be looking at them all the time! So you better like them! Plus if you are your brand then you need to be passionate about it and proud to show off the elements you created to visually display your brand. If you're not, then you might need an upgrade too.

Sometimes we change our mind, and as we get older our "favourite colour" can change. I know that a few years ago my favourite colour was purple, then it was teal, now it's mustard. Although I do still like all those colours :) But it's ok for things to change, and you should think of your site and brand as a living breathing thing. It's not going to stay completely static over years. Nothing does. Not even really big brands stay the same forever. Having said that, it is important to try and retain some consistency so that after years of building brand recognition you don't lose all of that in one go. But small changes, colour updates and layout changes are totally fine, and reflect how we change as people over time. So if you aren't feeling that "YES" feeling when you look at your brand elements, then maybe it's time you changed too!!

So, as my nana would say, "no time like the present"! What are you waiting for? Make your brand elements totally your bag. Don't know where to start or how to go about it? Handily I can help! (What a coincidence! Haha!) Check out my services to hire me to design your logo and / or create a website that totally reflects who you are and what you stand for. 

What do you think about you're brand elements? Have you ever changed things around? Let me hear about it!

(The photo in main blog post image is by STIL on Unsplash. You can read about why I like Unsplash here). 

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