Monday Mock Up - Ties and Bow Events

Hi there friends :) I thought it was definitely time for another Monday Mock Up. On each Monday Mock Up I show you a fully designed brand board - to help you see what they can be used for and how all the elements come together. I will tell you how I pick colours, where I get my images from, and why I picked certain elements.

For this brand I really felt like creating something fun and a little more vibrant then my last few. So I have created Ties and Bow Events. 

 Brand Board example Designed By Jess - Monday Mock Up: Ties and Bow events

Main Logo

I wanted the small dots on the "bow" to look a little like bubbles, but without being too over the top. It adds a sense of fun, pop and celebration, while keeping the design simple and clean. 

The simplicity of the main logo also lets the other colours and elements shine through, without becoming too busy or full on.

To continue with this theme of minimal style I chose a sans serif font called Lato. In order to add a little bit of interest, and to provide some contrast, I also included a beautiful script font called Lauren. Sans serif and script fonts work really nicely together as they don't outshine each other, and instead off a nice compliment through their simple straight lines, and curvy calligraphy elements.

 Minimal Logo Design - Designed by Jess - Ties and Bow Events

Mood Board

Once again I have used all my images from Unsplash (I either use Unsplash or Pexels, and often a combination of the two). Both these sites have a huge amount of really beautiful photography, all available for commercial use. While I am not making money from these brand identity mock ups (they are a more an example of my work, and what I like to do), they are technically being used as promotional material, and so for this reason I always use images that are able to be used commercially. I think whenever your overall aim is to make money somehow from what you are doing (whether you are blogging, using flyers or brochures, or ads for a business) you should be on the safe side by using work that specifically says it can be used commercially (including images, fonts, patterns etc). 

Creating a mood board is one of my favourite things to do. For this brand board I created the mood board in Photoshop, and then transferred that image over to Illustrator where I make the actual board and the logo. 

The mood board is one of the first things I do. It helps me create a sense of a brand, and what I am trying to achieve. When I create for customers I do the same thing. I often take their images from their already established website or social media account (sometimes I pull images from their Instagram account or Facebook), and / or images that they have indicated that they feel embody their brand. If it is images they like from Pinterest I will use those for their mood board, as I already have their account and so I am not making money specifically from that board, but am instead using those images as an example of what they are about.

This mood board for Ties and Bow makes me think of celebrations, fun, high heels, champagne, class, style, elegance, enjoyment and laughter. 

 Mood Board for Brand Identity - Designed by Jess: Ties and Bow Events

Colour choice

The mood board is what I used to choose the colours for the palette. If I have a client with a predefined brand I will skip this step, and use colours they have already chosen, however for new clients this is a great way to identify colours for their brand that connect well with their chosen identity. 

I use the colour picker tool on Illustrator for most, if not all colours. For this brand I used the colour picker tool for the purple (from the balloons) the pink (from the flowers) and the white (from the bow). I added the blue from my library, and I picked the gold by searching "gold HEX" on google. I did try to colour pick a nice shade of gold from the images on the mood board but I kept coming up with darker or lighter golds then what I wanted. So sometimes I will directly choose colours straight from the inspiration images, and sometimes I will just get the inspiration idea and go searching manually.

 Colour Palette - Designed by Jess - Bow and Ties Events

So that's it! All the ins and outs of how and why I designed this brand board for Ties and Bows Events.

Overall I like the fun and happy feel of this brand. It is bright, fresh and light, and embodies the spirit of celebration and special events. 

What are your thoughts? What type of brands do you like to create?

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