Monday mock up: pre made logo made in to a complete brand package.

White Rose Brand Board | Brand package with pre made logo designed by Jess

Happy Monday friends! 

Today I thought I would start my Monday Mock Ups. This will be a mock up of my designs as a complete brand package within a brand board that I will deliver every Monday.

The idea behind this was a) because it's fun for me to design a full brand package and b) because I wanted to help show how you can use your pre made logos to make an entire brand package.

Today I completed White Rose Weddings. 

pre made logo | white rose wedding designed by Jess

This brand is for a wedding business or blog. It could work for a photographer, dress designer, wedding planner, wedding blog writer, wedding caterer or other business associated with weddings.

This brand package is presented on what is called a Brand Board. Think of it like a white board- it is one single file that shows all the important elements of your brand including the main logo, watermarks or alternative logos, colour palette and typography choices. It also often incorporates inspiration images, patterns, symbols or social media icons. For more on this read my blog here.

This brand package features pale warm colours. Pink is quintessentially feminine, but this works well for a wedding business as the main customer is often the bride. It also symbolises love, romance, softness and style- all linked in well with a wedding theme. The rose also helps to further add a sense of romance, softness and beauty. The grey colours add to the softness, and add a sense of elegance, modernity and simplicity.

I designed 2 watermarks for this package. Watermarks are especially helpful for blogs, online businesses or photographers as you can place your brand logo on top of your images without obscuring the main work. They can also be used as alternative logos - for example for your Pinterest account or social media - as the shape can fit nicely within a smaller circle.

Pre Made Logo | White Rose Weddings brand board and watermarks

This brand board uses inspiration images that fit a beautiful wedding theme. It helps to give the brand a sense of identity, displaying what it is about and why the colours and style were chosen. It shows soft wedding pictures - not bright or exotic themes - and this helps to unify the identity.

All the images for this particular brand board package were taken from Unsplash, one of my favourite free stock photo websites. You can read more about Unsplash here :) 


This brand package has 2 font options. It is important to know that when you buy a pre made logo or brand package it does not come with the fonts themselves, as these need to be installed on your computer. Instead your package will come with the name of the font, and then you need to download them yourself.

If you are buying from me you can specify that you would like free fonts, which are available for commercial use, however this will limit choice and variability. I usually use a mixture of fonts that I have downloaded from Typekit (which is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite) or fonts that I have purchased from Creative Market or Design Cuts. Generally they are not expensive fonts. For example I recently bought a package of 94 fonts for $29 USD.

Pre Made Logo | Font Choices in brand package Designed By Jess

Why just 2 fonts? While fonts are super fun, and there are heaps of choices out there, it is best to keep your selection to just a couple. You can still then vary the size, or use italics, to create a sense of hierarchy or help elements stand out, but using too many fonts confuses the customer and does not present a cohesive brand identity.

When you put all the elements together it creates a beautiful, cohesive, unified brand identity. Having a cohesive brand is really important to help build confidence and trust in your brand. All starting from a simple pre made logo, that you can purchase from my site.

What do you think? Do you use a brand board for your business? Let me know below!