Monday mock up: a behind the scenes look at brand board design - Light Brush.

Welcome to another beautiful Monday!

Today I worked on the Light Brush brand board. As you can possibly already see - my speciality is designing feminine brands (check out here for my first mock up Monday design)

This brand is a pre made logo (find it here in my shop) that I have mocked up in to an entire brand board. As you can read here, a brand board is great way to see a brands overall style in one clear image. 

The brand Light Brush was designed for makeup and beauty businesses. This might be a blog about makeup and beauty, a website featuring various products, a beauty business, wedding makeup business or brand selling beauty products.

Colour Palette

Brand board using pre made logo - Light Brush colour palette

This brand package features slightly cool colours, that also have a touch of warmth added by the pink. Pink is very feminine, and as such a peachy pink was used for this brand. I also wanted to make the colour palette look a like an eye shadow box - with a variety of soft colours from across the colour spectrum. The blues were an important addition as more and more males are accessing beauty businesses for their grooming, as so it was important to not alienate them by only using shades of pink or very feminine colours. 

Once I decided what type of colours I wanted to use for this brand, I drew inspiration directly from the images that I had sourced. I simply used the eye dropper tool in Illustrator to select the colour from the models lips - making the pink colour, and the 2 shades of blue from the eye shadow box. I chose the grey and black to again reflect the eye shadow box idea (that awesome smokey eye look!). I think using the eye dropper tool to pick the final colours helps to draw the whole image together, as the photos have a nice cohesion with the colour choices, given they have that colour within them. 

Watermarks / Submarks

Brand board using pre made logo - Light Brush watermarks


I designed 2 watermarks / submarks for this package. Watermarks are especially helpful for blogs, online businesses or photographers as you can place your brand logo on top of your images without obscuring the main work. They are also submarks because they can also be used as a smaller alternative logo - for example for your Pinterest account or social media - as the shape works well at smaller sizes, and is still easy to identify (as opposed to the full logo, which might become hard to read). The submarks could also be used for your favicon (which is the little image that shows up next to your URL on your internet browser- and it also appears when you bookmark the website). 

For this brand I kept the submarks really simple. I tried creating the marks using the leaf / feather icon, but it started to look too busy and off balance. I decided the more simplistic mark looked much better. I also really liked the simple colouring of the white paired with that lovely blue grey :)

Inspiration Images

Brand board mock up from pre made logo - Light brush inspiration images

This brand board uses inspiration images. I really like using inspiration images for my brand boards as it helps to give the brand a sense of identity, displaying what it is about and why the colours and style were chosen. It unifies the brand and adds a sense of completeness.

The images I chose for this brand package were taken from Unsplash and Pexels (you can read about their free stock photography and how I use it on my blog post here). I chose these specific images as they have a sense of glamour as well as softness. You can see that they are bright, clean images, with light colouring. I haven't gone for pictures with super bold reds or bright lips- I chose a softer approach for this brand.

Font Choices

brand board mock up from pre made logo Light Brush - font choices

Once again I chose only 2 fonts, as having a limited number helps to keep the brand looking cohesive and unified, whereas having a lot can start to look messy and confusing.

Little side note here- a typeface is technically the name of the overall family. Avenir Next is the family name, the typeface, and then you can chose a font from that family - which might be regular, ultra light, light, bold etc, and the size. So a font would be Avenir Next ultra light 12 point. The typeface is the family, the font is the specific version from that. Does that make sense? Let me know in the comments below!.

Avenir is one of my favourites, it is clean, simple and has a nice rounded look. San serif typefaces (san serif means without the little lines coming off the strokes of the letter) are more modern and fresh looking - which is why I chose it for this brand. Makeup and beauty needs to be fresh and modern I think. Serif fonts (with the little lines off the strokes- such as Athelas above) appear more classic and formal. San serif and serif typefaces often look good mixed together. I picked the fonts because they do look good together, and also because it combines a modern fresh look with a classic feel - perfect for beauty and makeup. 

Website Icons

brand board mock up from pre made logo Light Brush - social media icons

For the website icons I like the keep them simple (my style is always leaning towards the more simplistic and minimal), and I like the look of the coloured object, white space and thin lined circle. I have these saved as a template now (after downloading royalty free icons from the internet, and making them in to a vector file using the trace function on Illustrator), so all I need to do is use the eyedropper tool again to make the icons the same colour as the colour palette I have already chosen. If I were working on a bolder brand I might leave the white circle out, so it would be a bolder block of colour with just a white (or maybe black) icon in the centre. But for this soft brand the white works well. 

Another side note here. After quite a bit of deliberation and mind changing I finally decided NOT to use social media icons that have been modified to suit my brands. While I like the look of them, and lots of designers do it, it is actually illegal. All major brands have very clear and specific rules about modifying their logo- which all essentially boil down to "do not do it". You can only use their coloured logos or their black and white versions. So in order to make my personal brand cohesive without jarring colours I use the black and white version. Some big brands might use their own colouring of the logo, but they often have the expressed permission from the brand (for example IMBD uses modified logos, but they very likely have permission). It is doubtful that a small brand like mine would not get noticed, but if it did I could lose money, be sued, or be told to pull my images down. Definitely not worth the risk. So I use simple but lovely website icons instead :) 


What do you think? Do you like the overall look? Would you consider having a brand board for your business, or do you have one already? Let me know your thoughts below!