Monday Mock Up: Behind the scenes of brand board design. The Elizabethan.

Brand Board Design - pre made logo - The Elizabethan Monday Mock Up

Happy Monday! Woah that came around fast! 

This week I worked on The Elizabethan Tea House and Fine Dining. 

I have really been enjoying working on text only logos these past two weeks. While I adore designing little pictures, botanical elements and simple illustrations, I also really like the simplicity and minimal style achieved with text only. So elegant. 

For those of you familiar with design (or my previous blogs) you will know that a brand board is a great way to see the overall style of the brand - what colours it uses, the font choices, some inspiration images, logo and submarks. And so I spend some time every Monday knocking up another brand board to show you some ideas, and give you some behind the scenes look at how one is created. Sometimes I will use a real brand I am working on, sometimes a mock up. 

This week I did a mock up for the The Elizabethan. This is a fictitious tea house - a fairly glamorous and classical styled cafe / restaurant that also sells food. Think of high tea, tiers of cupcakes, silver cutlery and beautiful interiors. (yum).

The Main Logo

Pre Made Logo - simple and elegant logo design - The Elizabethan designed by Jess

I really wanted the main logo to be simple, classic and elegant. Serif fonts are fantastic for this. Those little lines that finish the main strokes of the letterforms just ooze classic charm. This is probably because serif fonts were used for much longer then sans serif (those without little lines on the letters - like this font, which is Hyptia Sans Pro) and go back to roman days and stone carvings. Serif fonts are used predominantly in print (unlike sans serif which is usually used for screen display) so they also conjure up ideas of old newsletters and newspapers. Not quite as modern and fresh as sans serif, but perfect for this logo.

Alternative Logo and Submarks / Watermarks

Brand Board Design - Pre Made Logo - Watermarks and Alternative Logo The Elizabethan

The alternative logo is very similar to the main logo on this occasion, but I added it in for variation and choice. If I were designing a logo for a client I would offer them an alternative for them to chose between, and also something that they could use for different occasions. Sometimes this might be if a logo is inherently vertical in nature, then it can be good to have a more horizontal logo to fit where the initial logo cannot. In this case both logos are quite square, but the alternative is more colourful and has a little more feminine flair. It could be a logo that they use for special occasions or parties. Given that both are similar, and both use the colours from the colour palette, they would still maintain nice brand cohesion overall. 

The submarks / watermarks are simple marks that can be used as a favicon (the little symbol next to the URL in the address bar of your web browser), for social media (like Instagram or Pinterest) or for overlaying on photos or images where the entire text logo might not work. 

In this case I have added text to the submark, as I think that it was still readable. However depending on word length and where the submark was going sometimes it is best to have no words. For example in this case I would delete the words from the favicon as this is such a tiny little image. 

Having these elements already designed means that the brand has a nice overall look so that essentially someone could see the submark and know the brand it represents. 

Inspiration Images

Brand Board Design - pre made logo - inspiration images from The Elizabethan

This brand board uses inspiration images. I really like using inspiration images for my brand boards as it helps to give the brand a sense of identity, displaying what it is about and why the colours and style were chosen. It unifies the brand and adds a sense of completeness.

The images I chose for this brand board were taken from Unsplash and Pexels (you can read about their free stock photography and how I use it on my blog post here). 

I chose these specific images as I felt they represented a classic look that made me think of high tea and weddings, or special dining occasions. If this was a board for a client I would pull those images from their Pinterest homework to help incorporate what they liked and the vision they had for their brand. Or it might come from photos of their brand already - like images uploaded to social media.

You might notice, if you compare this weeks mock up to previous weeks, that I have tweaked the layout of the brand board. This is just for fun because I like to try out new things :)

Colour Palette

Brand Board Design - pre made logo - colour palette for The Elizabethan

Again I have gone with feminine colours - you can see a trend here right?! Designing for feminine brands / businesses and female entrepreneurs are just my favourite :) I did recently complete a logo design for an electrical company for a male, so I can do it! And it does make a nice change to be honest. But I like to indulge myself in doing my favourite design style for my Monday Mock Ups. Maybe sometime soon I will do a more masculine brand just to even it out a little (let me know what you think about that!). 

Soft pinks and greys were used today, as well as a nice gold colour. Not a bright glittery gold as that would be fun, but not really classical (more like a party brand, where is this is pure elegance). While tea and dining is not necessarily female, I think that you would agree that high tea is much more likely attended by women, or least women bringing along their men ;) And so pinks and greys work well here.

Font Choices

Brand Board Design - pre made logo - font choices for The Elizabethan

Two font choices as always. Having too many fonts can confuse the brand image, and lose its overall look. Plus with two font families you can still get a lot of variety in terms of weight (light, regular, italic, bold etc) and size.

I chose the serif font Cochin Regular, which I believe came with the Illustrator package (or perhaps with Apple). I think it is a really nice serif with small lovely details, like the way the little serif goes out from the top of the L, B and T at a small angle (see the original logo). Or the double story g (which means when there is a circle at the top and bottom of the g, not just a tail like this font has). Just so stylish.

And Honilad Regular is one of my all times favourites, bought and downloaded from Creative Market. You can find it here. I like it because it has a beautiful calligraphy style that is still readable. Not to messy and modern, but not too old fashioned and stiff either.

Website Icons

Brand Board Design - pre made logo website icons for The Elizabethan

I have kept my really simple website icons from last week. I like to have these as a template, and I simply use the eyedropper tool to change the colour according to the colour palette of the brand. 

You can read why I do NOT modify social media buttons on my previous post, here. In a nut shell: not legal.

If I were designing this board for a client I might also put some website buttons down here, or it could also be an overview of a business card, a thank you card or another form of stationary.

What are your thoughts? As always I am all ears :)