30 practical self care ideas for busy people.

When we are busy then self care goes out the window. I see this all the time in my private practice and also in my design business. Whenever we talk about something nice to do, something relaxing or a little indulgent (like a massage!) people say something like "I wish I had time for that!". But the truth is that we have to make time. We need to prioritise things or they don't happen. We prioritise work, kids, family, partners, business meetings and other people, and not ourselves. Now while I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with that, I do believe it is essential that we also prioritise ourselves. 

30 ways to practice self care to lower stress and increase your happiness - Graphic Design Coffs Harbour, Designed By Jess


The importance of self care

Self care can sound a bit alternative, or "airy fairy". However what it essentially means is doing things we like, things we find relaxing or soothing, things that make us feel good, nourished and happy - and who can argue with doing that! Self care keeps burnout at bay, lowers stress, lowers symptoms of anxiety and depression and generally refreshes us and makes us feel happier. Sometimes people feel that self care is indulgent, or selfish - however I see it as being the opposite. If we don’t look after ourselves, and then we burnout, how helpful can we really be to anyone else? If you are feeling your best, you will be the best to be around - for your partner, employees, friends, clients, colleagues and family. Your personal life and your business can flourish if you make time to regenerate yourself, and feel good.

So today I wanted to share an updated self care list - 30 ways to practice self care. Self care is fun and it should include something you really enjoy.

Something new

As always, take what you want and leave the rest. But can I make a suggestion? Instead of just doing your usual self care routine, try something new. Even if it is something you’re not totally sure about, give something new a go and just see how it makes you feel. Sometimes the act of doing something novel can open up our creativity, our non-judgemental side, and really allow that curiosity that can inspire us and make us feel playful. 

The list - 30 ways to practice self care

I could harp on about the importance of self care all day! But instead, lets get to the list. Here it is, 30 ways to practice self care, a practical list to get you going through the next couple of months (and maybe beyond). Enjoy!

  1. clear out 5 pieces of clothing from your cupboard that you no longer wear
  2. give yourself a fake tan
  3. put some loud music on and do a spring clean
  4. make a new savings goal
  5. buy a book from a second hand store
  6. give someone you care about some flowers
  7. bake a cake
  8. treat yourself to a spa visit
  9. try out a free gym pass
  10. watch some old video clips from when you were 15
  11. eat at a restaurant or cafe you’ve never tried before
  12. wear something you haven’t been game to before, or haven’t worn in ages
  13. walk around a book store
  14. map out a new travel destination and plan an inventory
  15. burn a candle and have a bath
  16. make a smoothie bowel
  17. find a yellow flower
  18. organise your paperwork or school work
  19. do a face mask
  20. go window shopping
  21. try out a new recipe
  22. get some thread and make a friendship bracelet
  23. draw a self portrait - child style
  24. take 5 deep breaths
  25. go to your local library and find a book to borrow
  26. look in a new shop you’ve never been in before
  27. treat yourself to a movie and popcorn- even from home!
  28. make yourself a yummy dessert 
  29. buy a magazine
  30. sit in the sun
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