What is a brand board and why you need one for brand consistency

What is a brand board and why you need one

As you may have seen already- I offer brand board packages for sale on my site, and you might have seen these on many other designers sites too- but do you know what to do with them?

Brand identity is super important. And that goes beyond just having a cool looking logo. It's about having an overall cohesive look and feel. So that when someone clicks through your site, or looks at your business or blog, they know it's you. Or perhaps when they see just your pin, or a small element of business, they can identify you. It is also about promoting the feel of your brand. Is it for kids? Then perhaps it would look good being zany, colourful and bright? Or perhaps baby wear- might look nice in pastels, whites and neutrals. You don't have to follow the trend- you could do baby wear in super bright fluro colours, as long as you know what you are trying to say, and you keep consistant with your brand. 

And this is where a brand board comes in. It helps unify the brand. Giving you the logo, watermark or alternative logos, colours, fonts, symbols and key elements for your brand all on one place. It also provides a quick reference for you as the brand continues to develop. Does that new page suite your board, or does it jar against it?

Designed By Jess Brand Board

Here is my brand board that I developed for myself. It helps me design new elements with the same matching colours and fonts, and I can even match my psychology site (which is still essentially my brand) by using one of my alternative logos. (You can see my psychology site here if you are interested.. )

Have a look through my site to see my brand board in action. You will see that the mustard flower symbol is my favicon. And the submark appears on my Pinterest account. My site also uses both fonts listed, and the logo also uses the same font for a nice continuity. I've also used the HEX codes for each colour and added them to my site, so headings and logo match. 

I can't speak on behalf of other designers, but when you purchase my package you get all the elements as individual JPG and PNG files. This means you can click on your Pinterest "upload photo" section and add your submark or symbol. You can also upload your logo straight on to your website. Or you can add your submark as a watermark to photos. You can add your logo as your header to Facebook or add your logo or submark to your Instagram account. Doing this makes your brand start to become unified and cohesive. 

Questions or comments? Feel free to drop me a line!