5 op-shop items that can inspire your stock photography

5 op shop items that can inspire your stock photography

The more I get in to photography, and in particular still life photography, the more objects and items I need, and this can get super expensive!

So instead I head to my local op-shop (or second hand store) to source inspiration and cheap objects. I thought I would compile a short list of the first things that I bought to add to my photography assets. 

 Put a flower in an old tea cup...

Put a flower in an old tea cup...

 An old book and a bit of text just looks lovely :)

An old book and a bit of text just looks lovely :)

1. old tea cups

A really beautiful and easy item to find at op shops is an old tea cup. Seems the stores are on to this though as I am sure they used to only be a few dollars, and now you are looking at $8AUD just for one cup and matching saucer! But nevertheless, this is still cheaper then new, and they have that beautiful old school charm.

Tip- stacking cups looks really interesting, or simply pop in a beautiful flower! Adds texture and beauty. Simple.

2. old books

Possibly my favourite accessory for photography is old books! The colour of the pages is a subtle sepia tone, and the writing makes for an interesting backdrop. 

Tip- remove the dust jacket to see the original book underneath- usually this is a nice plain colour (without pictures that will detract from your work) with a nice cloth like texture (especially the older ones).

3. glassware

A simple little glass can make an interesting vase for your flowers, or add interesting detail and design. One of my favourite little items is just a simple clear shot glass! It looks really beautiful with a single flower inside. 

photography tips using shot glass as a tiny vase
photography inspiration using napkins and placements for background details
photography idea compass and maps.jpg

4. napkins or placemats are easy to find at op shops and can add a really nice texture and softens to your photo. Neutral colours are my favourite, particularly shades of white, cream, pink and grey. 

Tip- layer the napkins and placements to add warmth and depth.

5. Atlas or map books

Atlas's are a cool way to add colour, texture and detail to your photos. They have beautiful old maps (or even new maps) that you can add to photos to get a travel feel or antique look. 

What are your thoughts? Best item you have found at an op shop or second hand store? Or favourite stock photography item? Tell me about it!