Ideas for easy stock photography for your website or business

Ideas for easy stock photography for your website or business

As an avid photography, graphic designer and website designer I know the importance of stock photographing- and lots of it! While perhaps my favourite stock photography is styled desk or still life (you can find some to buy here), greenery stock photography makes for a bright nice change, and it is super easy!!

For greenery stock photography - especially for pictures designed to have text overlaid - I have found that the simplest image is the best. So this rules out photos with detailed subjects that pull the eye away from the text and make the overall image far to busy and complicated. 

So here are some simple ideas for greenery stock photography:

  • Take pictures of grass! So super simple, but actually looks really effective. It creates a nice pattern with a small amount of detail, but not enough to distract the eye or overwhelm the viewer. Plus grass brings on a feeling of earth, summer, sunshine and simplicity. Nice for laying under text about getting outdoors, summer ideas, wellbeing or happiness.
  • Take pictures of shrubs, leaves or plants. Palms are one of my absolute favourite in this category, and they are pretty popular. I find the best way is to zoom in on a few leaves, and leave some blue sky showing through. This gives a sense of summer, easiness, relaxation and calm. Works really well for blogs about relaxation, happiness, wellbeing and summer, but can work easily well just as a nice simple background for any text.
  • Pictures of flowers. Flowers are so beautiful, and add lovely colour to your stock photography. Flowers are delicate, feminine and soft. Again I would zoom in on the flowers, to crop out other plants or items around them. A macro lens is great for this, but any camera can do the trick :) Flowers work particularly well for a feminine blog, or posts directed to female consumers. 
  • Photos of interesting textures, like wooden boards, concrete, marble benches etc. A deceptively easy one I find- because often I would look straight past the wooden fence to the nature beyond - but the fence itself can be used for interesting detail. Woodgrain would work especially well for articles about being outdoors, getting in touch with nature, the countryside, and wellbeing. Marble can work really well for glamorous posts or posts directed to women. I have even taken photos of marble benches at cafes and stores to use for this purpose!

Below are some examples of the greenery stock photography I have collected over time. They really pop when placed behind text...

Now I'll add some text over the top, for this I always use Illustrator because it's my favourite program. But you could also use Wordswag (an awesome free app that adds text on your images), or Canva (an app or online program that you can also use free- a little more tricky but also more comprehensive). 

What do you think? What type of images do you like to use? Any comments or questions? Please let me know! It'd be great to hear from you!