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Graphic Design Coffs Harbour

About Me.

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I am a graphic designer living in Coffs Harbour. I have a diploma in graphic design as well as a masters degree in psychology. Having qualifications and knowledge in both areas means I really get the how's and the why's of design. I provide graphic design to businesses in Coffs Harbour, but have also worked for clients in Melbourne, England and Spain! So it doesn’t matter where you live - Coffs Harbour or beyond - I can help you out.

My passion is helping businesses get a look that they totally adore, and creating awesome consistent branding across all your mediums. This means having an awesome logo, a stand out website that gets you noticed, beautiful photography to show off your business, and cool assets like business cards. 


10 QUICK facts about me:

1. I really enjoy Harry Potter. A lot. 

2. I still sometimes bite my nails. 

3. Coffee is my jam. 

4. I can't get enough of beautiful stationary. 

5. I think palm trees are awesome. 

6. Every plant I've owned has died :( 

7. I've seen Jurassic Park about 20 times.

8. I think I'll have a sleeve tattoo one day.

9. I really enjoy the colour pink.

10. I'm an Aries.

My story.

I live in Coffs Harbour, approximately halfway between Brisbane and Sydney in NSW Australia. Coffs Harbour is totally beautiful. I have the ocean about 5 minutes away, and rainforest about 10. One of my favourite things to do is go down to the local Coffs Harbour Jetty, take a stroll along the board walk, keep an eye out for turtles, sting rays and dolphins, and soak up the sunshine. 

My education

I was always a bit of an over thinker and analyser, and was always fascinated by human behaviour (the "why do we what we do" question), and so I enrolled in psychology. I completed my bachelor of psychology with honours at SCU in Coffs Harbour. 

In order to work as a psychologist in Australia you have to either complete a masters degree over 2 years, or an internship over 2 years. And so I applied for the Masters of Clinical Psychology at UNE, and was accepted in to the course, finishing in 2011. 

My work beginnings - psychology

I started working in private practice about 5 years ago. Initially I worked for an already established private practice, and then I also started working at Headspace. At the end of 2016 I opened up my own private practice. It is just me, in my own little office. I am a fully qualified clinical psychologist.

I really like psychology. I like talking to people and I enjoy being able to hear their story. I continually feel humbled by being allowed to know these very personal stories and very honest details about peoples lives. However I have always been quite a creative person, and I had known for a long time that I was really missing that creativity. I knew psychology alone was just not enough.

Graphic Design Coffs Harbour - Designed By Jess
Graphic Design Coffs Harbour - Designed By Jess

My creativity

When I was a kid I used to make little signs just for fun- carefully and slowly handcrafting the lettering, and practicing different ways to get it looking just right. Even in my books in high school I wanted them all the look perfect and neat, and I wanted my handwriting to be just so (or I would rip the whole page out and start again!). I used to draw a lot, mostly doing patterns and flowers. And since getting older I have actually drawn and designed all my own tattoos!

When looking for this creative thing that was missing from my working life, I wrote a list of all the things I like. It included photography, lettering, drawing and illustration, writing, design, imagery and stationary. It took me a while- but finally I realised this list was graphic design! 

My current trajectory

Having studied a Diploma in Graphic Design with CACT I have learned that Graphic Design is really my thing. It fits me to a tee and I couldn't be happier. So at the moment I am working part time as a psychologist, and part time as a graphic designer, with a view to increase my design even further in the future.

Thank you for your interest in me :) I hope you find something here you like! Please feel free to get in touch - I answer every email personally and always enjoy hearing from you. Thanks! Ready to start working with me? Yay!