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Hello and welcome :) My name is Jess, I am a graphic designer with a masters degree in psychology. I am passionate about helping people with their work / life balance. My aim is to provide tools, tips and products - based on design and psychology - to help you look after yourself and grow your business. 

Why not make a cup of tea or coffee, read the blog, browse the photos, and settle in.

Jess Graphic Design Coffs Harbour

Welcome to Designed by Jess!

Hi there. My name is Jess Watters. I am a graphic designer and clinical psychologist, living in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia. 

Graphic design is fundamentally about human behaviour. What colours humans are drawn to, how they perceive visuals and text, how long you can hold their attention and where that attention goes. And design is also about selling - it is about the consumer, how they think and how they behave, how they perceive your brand, and what your brand is saying to customers. 

This is where having a designer, who is also a qualified psychologist, can really pay off- literally. 

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Nice things people have said... 

Diamond Electrical Designed by Jess

Chris Dickinson - Diamond Electrical

"I had the pleasure of working with Jess when she created a logo for my new business. Jess was very accomodating and patient, with little instruction she was able to create a logo that suited the needs of my business, yet also grab your attention with the details. When feedback was given Jess altered the design promptly and without question. I would not hesitate to work with or recommend Jess to anyone who is looking for a business design or business website. It was a pleasure working with someone who is so creative and willing to cater to any needs to allow you to design your business logo exactly as you had envisioned it. Thank you!"
Cherise Lily Nana - Designed by Jess

Cherise Lily Nana - Muse Bespoke

"Jess designed my business logo and created a brand board to help me streamline the image of my business. I’m quite particular in my aesthetic and wanted something sleek and minimal, and was thrilled with the way that Jess was able to come up with a design that not only met my requirements but also cleverly conveyed the core service of my business. I have also found the brand board useful for getting consistent with my branding (for instance, refining my feed on instagram to build an online profile). Jess has a genuinely friendly yet professional approach, and I felt she balanced my ideas with her creative input really well to get the best outcome. It was a pleasure to work with her and I’ll definitely be utilising her services again!" Cherise Lily Nana.

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